A Man from Spain


He said he was from Spain.

He came at sunset to the westernmost point of Jamaica and cast his line upon the waters. He danced on the rocks with such joy and enthusiasm. Leaping from rock to rock. Attacking the water and holding his eyes on the horizon.

The loud Americans taking their own photographs didn’t see him at all.

Can politics be art?

TV Shoot 8 29 2014 443

Darren Jernigan: The Right Thing

Four years ago Darren called me on Election Day and told me a story. Two years ago in the studio, I asked him to retell the story. I turned it over to my team, explained what I wanted and let them do their thing. The creative process is at times more passive than you might think. Darren told the story. A talented man set the lights and filmed it. A talented team edited it, mixed the audio and created the graphics to support the story. I think I like it so much because I was merely an observer to all of that. The power and beauty of this short film tells a story that transcends politics.

On the precipice of travel

Tomorrow we will go somewhere we’ve never been.

I always get a peculiar feeling when I’m preparing to go somewhere new. I’ve seen more of the world than most … but far less than I want to … or that I eventually will. A little excitement. A bit of fear. A curiosity about how it will be and when adventures we will have.

When going to a new place, I always skate between preparing and just receiving it fresh. I read a little, check the weather, make sure it’s safe. Then I let it go. I prefer to find a place once I get there. Let it come to me. Free space and open time.

We won’t go to the usual places. Ruby, a spectacular traveling companion, and I will find a breakfast place the first day, walk a bit, find a place that serves a late dinner. We’ll work to be alone and yet be open to meeting people.

We’ll probably find a museum but we won’t stay there more than an hour. It’s an affliction we both share. We couldn’t stay in the Louvre for more than an hour. It’s just how we are. But, we don’t count the time we spend in the little courtyard of the museum having a glass of wine and talking about what we’ve just seen.

We’ll find a church or a temple or a mosque to visit. A coffee shop. A wine store. We don’t stay in those places more than an hour either.

We’re not about checking the boxes when we go somewhere new. We let the place find us.