This is a photo of my father, William Burke Fletcher, and my maternal grandfather, Craig Owens, two years before I was born. My mother, Shirley Fletcher, sent my family some photos of them playing checkers through the years tonight along with this note.
“Your Dad always told people he won me in a checker game with my Daddy. When he came to see me they always seemed to get into a checker game. It continued for many years even after we married if they were together very long the checker board came out. I was looking through pictures tonight and wanted to share these picture with you. Love You Mom, Maw.”


A scene of violence

As I walked I came upon a scene of violence. The limb of a tree fell from a great height and crashed into the railing of a bridge over the river. A beam shattered. Nails pulled from wood with a great screeching sound. The limb in the water. All quiet now. But the violence remains. Hanging in the air.