Prague, Czech Republic

What a joy it is to discover a wonderful city of which I had practically no knowledge.

A delightful, complicated clock at the city center.

Breathtaking architecture.

The beauty is in the details.

Interior of the cathedral near Prague Castle.

We enjoyed lunch in this old bell tower converted to a restaurant.

There were once 12 massive bells in the tower. During Nazi occupation, soldier melted down 11 of the bells to make ammunition. This is the only bell that survived.

A delightful treat: Chimney Cakes. Roasted over open flames and filled with Nutella and whipped cream.

One of my most moving experiences was the Old Jewish Cemetery. Room after room with the names of those killed in the Holocausts. The scale and weight of the sorrow stayed with me.

Families who visit the cemetery leave pebbles on the gravestones to illustrate their relatives are not forgotten.

I surprised ruby with a visit to a jazz club.

A visit to the Museum of Communism was an unexpected pleasure.

Delicious roasted meats were on offer at the Christmas Market.

Beautiful details on buildings throughout Prague.

A parting image of Prague, with the old reflected in the windows of the new.

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