Self Portrait: 1976

Young Fletch with Tree 3

I made this photograph when I was a student at East Tennessee State University. I used to take long drives through Tennessee, Virginia and North Carolina, and long walks on the Appalachian Trail (not like the former governor of South Carolina), to take photographs. This was made on a very foggy day in the spring.

I’m using it to illustrate this blog in support of the organizing thought: So Far From Where I Began.

The original impetus for this blog was to write about my 30 years in American politics. Those three decades, however, don’t define me any more than my time growing up on the farm or my youth as a journalist. I want to share my photographs, my stories and my thoughts.

Come along.

One thought on “Self Portrait: 1976

  1. Love the photo. Foggy days can help create some beautiful imagery. I would love to learn more about your 30 years in politics too. After working for a US Senator for 2 years I got fed up with politics and fled the party system. That was 27 years ago and I have never looked back.


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