On a shoot with Dave Aronberg

This is me on a shoot down in Florida. You see a man standing in front of a flag. I see my preferred shirt for a shoot (Brooks Brothers Oxford Cloth with pens and a script in my pocket), a ring and a belt I got in Guatemala, the flag that I brought with me from Tennessee and our candidate at the time, Dave Aronberg, sitting behind me and looking at his Blackberry while I talk to the crew. It was a hot day near West Palm Beach.

Fletch self portrait w camera Harlan

Politics has never stopped being about expression for me. I’m never happier than when I have a camera around my neck or when we’ve gathered a crew together for a shoot. This is where art meets science … politics.

Veasey Election Night 2014 399 edit.jpg

Congressman Marc Veasey. Election Night 2014.

JRC Hockey 064 JRC w Mask

State Rep. John Ray Clemmons. Hockey Night.

Melissa Blackburn TV Shoot 4 8 2014 082.JPG

Judge Melissa Blackburn.

TV Shoot 8 29 2014 458

State Rep. Darren Jernigan.

Kneeling w dogs sky fixed

Ben Chandler. Kentucky.

Bart Gordon and Fletch 1984 edited.jpg

I didn’t realize it at the time but this represents a win … and a failure. Real pros are never in the photos. I can be forgiven because this was the first congressional race I ever worked. Bart Gordon in 1984.

Childers 5 13 08054 Fletch and Halloran w caption

This is something that Charles Halloran said after we worked two election cycles together … first on the Childers Congressional race in Mississippi where we elected a Democrat there for the first time in a half century … then in Florida where we beat an incumbent congressman in a race that ended up on the cover of Time and Newsweek in the same week.


3 thoughts on “Politics

  1. Hi @FetchWolf, I finally had a chance to get over here and check your blog out. Very impressive. If you can tell from mine, I love politics and I had no idea you were so involved. These are the coolest pics. You are my newest hero of our lame, “political” (as in dirty motives) blogging 101 class! 🙂 I know you must be THRILLED to be put on such a high pedestal, huh? I look forward to reading more, in all seriousness. I have followed you earlier today:) Take care — LC


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